Symbicort is a popular medication used to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). While many people rely on Symbicort to manage their condition, the cost of this medication can be prohibitive. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to get Symbicort free for a year.

1. Ask your doctor for samples

1. Ask your doctor for samples

One of the easiest ways to get free Symbicort for a short period is by asking your healthcare provider if they have any samples available. Manufacturers often provide these sample packs to doctors’ offices so that patients can try them out before committing to purchasing the medication. If your physician has access to sample packs, they may be willing to provide you with some free doses.

2. Look into patient assistance programs

2. Look into patient assistance programs

Many pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs (PAPs) that provide financial assistance or even free medications to eligible individuals who cannot afford the cost of their prescriptions. To qualify for most PAPs, you will need to meet certain income requirements and other criteria set by each program.

To see if you qualify for a PAP from AstraZeneca (the manufacturer of Symbicort), visit their website at and click on “Find Out More About Our Programs.” From there, follow the instructions provided on how to apply.

3. Check if you’re eligible for Medicare’s Extra Help program

If you’re over 65 or have various disabilities, Medicare offers an Extra Help program designed specifically for those who need help affording prescription drugs under Part D coverage plans. This program provides financial assistance based on income level and other eligibility factors.

To see if you’re eligible or enroll in this program, visit for information on how to apply.

4. Investigate other patient assistance programs

If you don’t qualify for any of the above programs, there are other options you can try. Non-profit organizations like RxAssist ( provide a free database of various PAPs available to individuals who need help paying for their medications, including Symbicort.

5. Use discount cards or coupons

Many websites and companies offer coupon codes or discount cards that can be used at participating pharmacies to reduce the cost of your medication. Websites/apps like GoodRx ( and SingleCare ( may have coupons that could lower the cost of your medication dramatically.

6. Apply for funding through charitable organizations

There are several non-profits out there that offer financial assistance with prescription drug costs when all other mechanisms fail such as The Healthwell Foundation, Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN), NeedyMeds, National Organization For Rare Disorders etc.. Each organization has different eligibility requirements to which they adhere.


While Symbicort can be quite expensive, it is possible to obtain the medication free for up to a year using any combination of these strategies outlined above. Whether you meet income criteria for AstraZeneca’s patient assistance program or use discount coupon codes provided by online platforms, it’s important always keep searching and trying new ways until one finally works in order to afford your life-saving medications without difficulty.efff
Symbicort is a well-known medication used to manage asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Unfortunately, the cost of this medication can be prohibitive for many individuals. However, there are various strategies one can use to get free Symbicort for a year.

One easy strategy to try is asking your healthcare provider if they have any sample packs available. Many manufacturers provide dose-packs to doctors’ offices as marketing schemes. By providing physicians with these samples, patients may test the drug without investing in it initially.

Another excellent option worth exploring is patient assistance programs (PAPs) offered by pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca; these PAPs offer financial aid or even completely free medications based on specified criteria being met such as income requirements. Individuals who cannot afford their prescription drugs qualify for most PAPs through pharmaceutical companies’ websites, supporting struggling people during treatment.

Additionally, checking if you’re eligible for Medicare’s Extra Help Program is an alternative strategy that seniors aged over 65 or those with disabilities might want to explore under this scheme which provides additional relief from coverage costs depending on applicants’ unique circumstances.

Utilizing other resources such as non-profit organizations like NeedyMeds and RxAssist could also help bring down the cost of prescribed Symbicort medicines when all else fails.Application processes tend to vary between charity groups but information regarding eligibility status is always accessible online

There’s also an option of discount cards or coupons provided by different websites that will provide customers with significant discounts after buying specific products based on a referral program basis unlike beneficiaries relying solely on personal income thresholds or social insurance programs Furthermore some charitable organizations support individuals facing exorbitant medical expenses so taking advantage of funding opportunities backed up by secure financing solutions means less financial burden-carrying out-of pocket payments

In conclusion: If you need Symbicort but cannot afford it due to high prices – consult your doctor about free dose packs; consider AstraZeneca patient assistance programs or similar pathways offering patients comprehensive support options by checking out various organizations and the eligibility criteria they operate under. Alternatively, you can look into discount cards or coupons for big savings that reduce costs while making treatment more manageable to afford overall. Additionally, several charities can offer financing solutions so investigating their funding schemes could help alleviate financial burdens associated with purchasing medications during treatment for life-threatening health conditions such as asthma or COPD.