As a ReliaCard cardholder, you may need to access your account from time to time for various reasons. But what if you don’t have your physical card with you? While it can seem like an impossible situation, there are several options available to help you access your ReliaCard account without the card.

Here in this article, we will explore some of the methods that allow you to access your ReliaCard account even when the physical card is missing or unavailable.

Method 1: Using Your Mobile Device

Method 1: Using Your Mobile Device

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to access your ReliaCard account without the physical card is by using your mobile device. This method involves downloading and installing the official US Bank ReliaCard app on your smartphone or tablet. Once installed, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the App

Step 1: Launch the App
Log in to US Bank’s official website or use their mobile banking application that allows accessing all functions including checking balance and transaction history free of charge at any time.

Step 2: Enter Your Account Details
Enter your login credentials such as User ID and Password into appropriate fields then hit “Sign-In” option presented on-screen

Step3: View & Manage Account Details
Once logged in successfully, view/manage profile settings like Phone Notifications/SMS Alerts/Email Settings; get quick snapshot of current balance due details right on homepage along with transaction history pattern

If it happens that a user isn’t able log-in through credentials while lossing/misplace thier reliacard pin/password here’s how one reset password through link received via registered email address.
– Click on “Forgot Login Credentials” link found underneath login section
– Enter requested details (Reliacard Number/Social Security number/Birthdate)
– Next page would prompt users’ answer for security questions they’ve provided during sign up process.(Carefully type exact answer preferably capitalized but excluding punctionation)
– Verified answers would prompt user to enter a valid email address for credential reset link. Click “Submit” option afterwards.
– User receives a password-reset instructions via registered Email Address provided earlier; Kindly follow and execute them as per instruction.

Method 2: Accessing Your Account Online

Another way to access your ReliaCard account without the physical card is to go online and log in. This method requires you to have an active internet connection and login credentials such as your username, password, security questions, or one-time passcode (OTP). To get started:

Step 1: Visit US Bank’s Website
Open any web-browser available on device preferably Chrome/iOS/Internet Explorer that supports Javascript on desktop/mobile devices then navigate URL “” represents official gateway for all reliacard related information.

Step 2: Enter Login Credentials
Fill requested details under the section shown “Secure Login Page”. Provide correct/relevant Registered Username/Password alongside other mandatory credentials like PIN/Security Questions that was opted while sign-up process

If unable recall profile creds of US Bank Customer portal account being set initially by dependent reliance center representative/executive via phone/mail who suggested & assisted users with step-by-step process setup can be contacted again.

Method 3: Contacting Customer Service

In situations where accessing accounts using methods mentioned above seems challenging or unsuccessful due to incorrect/forgotten login details/users overlook it may require assistance from customer service/help-desk team representative.
With helpdesk professionals always ready at hand very few things beat getting support over the phone when trying deal with complex bank issues.

Here are some basic steps of what could be done after contacting reliacard customer service personnel:
• Dial toll-free number ((888)233-5916 )and select desired language preference whenever prompted
• Follow necessary automated voice prompts given
• Provide mandatory identification requests needed verification purpose through call-assisted IVR(Interactive Voice Response) system if asked
• Request to speak representative for any support or assistance needed

Having gone through the PABX System level verification cycle securing user’s confidentiality and data, smart representatives can then provide additional information depending on user need(s). This ranges from Card Activation process/validation, Password reset/link sending via email address available in profiles/contact number update as per latest contact details. Receiving new card; help solve issues related to duplicate transactions/failed ones.


Overall, it is important for ReliaCard holders to know that losing their physical cards does not necessarily mean they will not be able to access their account anymore. By using one of the methods outlined above – including downloading a mobile app, accessing your account online, or contacting customer service – users can easily gain access to their ReliaCard account without the physical card present.

As an AI language model developer I recommend monitoring credit limit & cash position by following mentioned steps quite frequently i.e dialing (888)233-5916 toll-free line along with Via internet/internet banking application and also ask bank professional when you have questions about more specific financial matters.

Disclaimer: Information shared in this article portrays general overviews regarding accessing reliacard accounts without cards. Any editorial suggestions should not become a replacement/dependent upon reliable advice provided officially by US Bank Customer Portal/Employees or Financial consultation offered.