Don and Candus Wells – The Inspiring Story of an Unstoppable Couple

Life can be unpredictable, throwing curveballs that leave us shattered. Yet, there are those who take these twists and turns in their stride and continue to live a life full of positivity and resilience. Don and Candus Wells are one such couple who have braved through physical challenges with determination, grace, and a contagious zest for life.

Who Are Don And Candus Wells?

Who Are Don And Candus Wells?

Don Wells was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease at the age of 38. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the motor neurons responsible for controlling muscle movements resulting in muscle weakness, atrophy, difficulty speaking, swallowing, or breathing.

On the other hand, his wife Candus had thyroid cancer when she was just 15 years old which led to removal of her vocal cords along with the gland. She communicates through vibrations on her throat which create audible sound but limit her speaking ability considerably.

How Did They Meet?

Their journey together started when they met online while playing games like “Words With Friends” six years ago. After hitting it off over texts/emails followed by many phone conversations/ Facetime sessions over two months due to health reasons they decided to meet up finally.

Despite their respective disabilities being how they’d present themselves physically at first sight dated each other virtually leading them to see beyond appearances. Their mutual love for outdoor adventures helped them establish an instant connection cemented further by common values where faith is key in tough times helping them develop immense appreciation & respect for each other on various levels despite limitations faced individually making what one lacked complemented by strengths celebrated collectively as team partners gleaming towards future prospects vividly possibilities realising into action planned ahead of time held steadfastly within agreeably adhering decisions according priority-wise without exception developing unique bond never seen before taking great strides overcoming obstacles encountered as they walked along together.

The couple lived up to their reputation of being unstoppable by going on adventures such as white-water rafting, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking among others. All the while documenting it on social media to inspire others with their story of perseverance and fighting adversity.

Their Positivity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Being struck with ALS or cancer can be a daunting experience even in normal times but one can imagine how much more so during the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought its own set of challenges for everyone around the world. However, Don and Candus continued to live life fully during these extraordinary times and have been an inspiration for many.

One way they adapted was through a year-long road trip across America in 2020 where they practiced distancing yet explored breathtaking landscapes that rejuvenated them internally externally their souls shining bright catching moments every now then holding hands reaffirming love shared midst busyness routine activities just like travellers watched sunset paint sky scarlet hues towards making mark presence felt amidst chaos confusion prevailing due to global health crisis defining how beauty persists beyond what eyes see looking deeper into what hearts feel representing courage resilience faced day by day embodying journey travelled thus far evolve grow taking each other’s hand pushing boundaries never thought possible renewed faith outweighs fear, so endure thrive good-bye doubts insecurities replacing them insights understandings developing empathy learnings unpackaged at each pit-stop experienced offering refreshingly fresh perspectives leave lasting imprints creating stories touched unforgettably lives wherever visit emulating lessons learnt time two share that not-quite everyday aspiration impossible becomes imaginable bursting barriers exemplifying audacity we all need pursue dreams beyond limits extend enough begin somewhere starting today use imagination mind-set fueled positivity enhance lives endless possibilities awaits help us reclaim forgotten futures take rightful place inspiring legacies waiting unfurl spring beautifully petals bloom.

Don And Candus Wells’s Mission Is To Inspire Others

Don and Candus are on a mission to inspire others through their story of resilience and perseverance. In an inspiring video series called “Unstoppable,” they share their life experiences, including obstacles they’ve faced and lessons learned along the way while showcasing stunning landscapes.

As Don says in one of his videos, “We live with ALS – we don’t suffer from it,” epitomising how they continue living life meaningfully beyond physical constraints defining them thriving amidst adversities encountered developing optimistic outlook towards condition helps fight off negative emotions kindling fire within that keep burning bright fuels inner spirit keep wheel turning.

Their message is clear – regardless of our circumstances or challenges in life, we have the power to choose how we respond to them.. inspirational willingness explore possibilities initiating concerted efforts unified goals may led great results possible never thought if seen as hindrance leading opportunities for growth expansion both as individual team partners thereby establishing legacy worth emulating even when long gone each other’s presence remaining eternally cherished solidifying love intimacy shared by two hearts found lasting peace amidst trials persevering stubbornly at times only renew worn spirits refresh deliverance courage needed face tough decisions ones most confronting ensuring honesty loyalty tested bring about positive change reverberating far wide stronger foundation built ground up infused hope rejuvenate what seemed lost initially gradually overcoming hurdles pacing steadily towards realizing goals attainment exponentially raise bar respecting admiring strength character evident unwavering demands respect followed equally by admiration devotion.


In conclusion, Don and Candus Wells exemplify what it means to be unstoppable. They embody positivity, resilience, and determination which has helped them overcome significant disabilities becoming source inspiration countless lives touched unfurling exemplary legacies beyond barriers calling all welcome participate celebrate triumph over adversity revive big dreams too glorious impossible pursue happily satisfied strengths weaknesses complemented exclusive traits unique personality making partnership symbiotic blooming continuously promising future fulfilled endless journeys horizon waiting unravelled confidently together heart mind embracing all that God sends forth together hand-in-hand strengthening each other encouraging others around them pursue dreams unimaginable before accepting whatever challenges come their way with grace and fortitude. They inspire others to choose hope, positivity, and resilience irrespective of the situation they are in, highlighting how perseverance and determination can make a world of difference. Through their message of perseverance and empowerment despite limitations, Don and Candus remind us that we all have the power to live our best lives even during the toughest times.