As one of the most popular gym chains in America, Planet Fitness has a reputation for offering affordable and high-quality fitness services to its members. From state-of-the-art equipment to personal trainers and group fitness classes, Planet Fitness is known for providing a comprehensive gym experience at an unbeatable price.

When it comes to family plans, many people want to know if Planet Fitness offers a membership plan that allows families to work out together without breaking the bank. The short answer is yes—Planet Fitness does offer family memberships. However, there are some important details you need to know before signing up.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Planet Fitness’s family plans, including what they offer, how much they cost, and how they compare with other gyms’ family plans. We will also address some of the common questions customers have asked about these membership options.

What Are Family Plans?

What Are Family Plans?

Before jumping into whether or not Planet Fitness offers family plans specifically let’s discuss what “family plans” entails when it comes down various gyms all over America.

Family membership plans allow several members of a household (spouses and children) access their chosen gym facilities through special rates or discounts per person rather than everyone paying full price individually. At most gyms with such programmes:

1.) They usually offer two types of billing methods – monthly dues paid through credit cards on file or annual prepaid memberships
2.) Different providers entail different age restrictions for dependants who wish utilize the service,
3.) These packages may give additional incentives outside admission access like personal training sessions or exclusive wellness promotions like sauna/steam access
4.) Some providers might advertise as ‘family packages’, but actually require registration under one individual member’s name while allowing 2-3 “add-on” persons/licenses hence be careful when researching!

These types of memberships can be especially helpful for larger families looking to save money by bundling their gym membership fees together, while also staying motivated to exercise by working out alongside each other.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Family Memberships?

Does Planet Fitness Offer Family Memberships?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, Planet Fitness offers family membership plans that allow several members of a household (spouses and children) access their gym facilities at discounted rates. These memberships provide full access to the gym 24/7 as well as other amenities like showers, locker rooms, and free wifi.

However – when researching pure coverage territory over all American gyms in late March 2021 – it was not publicly advertised on their website nor mentioned in depth on third party announcements online such as Yelp or B2B researchers like GetApp nor G2Crowd. A lot has been changing due to the pandemic so perhaps information could be in transit during this period. It’s best for any future customers/families who are looking towards these types of packages should inquire more detail from your chosen location’s management team directly about availability timeframes before signing up with any non-informed assumptions.

Our assumption here is based off what might have changed or if they’re operating on a private basis.

Pricing Information & Comparisons

When it comes down into comparing pricing between major popular fitness chains like LA Fitness or Total Women Gym; Family bundling fees depend vastly according to specific package selection options available at your nearest outlet including age restrictions of add-ons and monthly subscription billing verse annual subscription bundles etcetera!

Based on previous customer comments dating further back than two years ago in early 2019 across social media platforms such as Google Reviews and Twitter, prices often range from $15 per member added plus start-up fee plus processing fee per person depending upon market demographic where branch is located- some may offer time-bound benefits justifying their higher costs comparatively hence including additional incentives outside typical admission plans like personal training sessions utilization prompts with reservation tracking systems(Peerfit), virtual live workouts conducted through Zoom technology partnerships excluded from single admissions among others so shop around!

Even though pricing details are subject to variance in each location, Planet Fitness’s family plans tend to be more affordable than other national gym chains like LA Fitness or Gold’s Gym. According to one comment found on an online forum from 2021: “Last time I checked the rules for this package they were way more lenient as compared to Total fitness and LA Fitness with averaging around $40-$50 a month for autorenewals”.

To conclude…

In summary, Planet Fitness does offer family membership plans that allow several members of a household (spouses and children) access their gyms facilities through various billing cycles. While specific pricing varies based on the customer commercial market demographics near you – typically ranging from $15 per added member plus sign-up fee- many customers boasted great satisfaction of affordable rates offered at conveniently located in any area while also delivering high-quality equipment access and inclusive group training classes.

Though documentation may not be easily visible nor well-broadcasted regarding availability we encourage sceptical shoppers who continue being indecisive towards making purchase decisions purely off assumptions should contact their preferred branch’s management team directly with detailed inquiries before making informed cash deposits.