LA Fitness is a gym chain that has grown to become one of the most recognized brands in the health and fitness industry. It has more than 700 locations across North America, with state-of-the-art facilities designed to cater for every aspect of fitness enthusiasts’ needs. LA Fitness offers an extensive range of services from top-rated personal trainers, group class programs, cardiovascular training equipment, weightlifting machines to spa-like amenities for relaxation. One such amenity that many gym-goers are interested in is tanning.

But does LA Fitness have tanning?

But does LA Fitness have tanning?

Yes! LA Fitness does offer indoor tanning as a part of its amenities package (sometimes at additional fee options) with specially equipped rooms and equipment available for use at several locations across the United States. The availability of this service varies by location depending on which state laws they are licensed under.

There are two types of Indoor Tanning offered at some LA Fitness clubs:

There are two types of Indoor Tanning offered at some LA Fitness clubs:

1.Bed Tanning: This type involves lying down on a bed inside an enclosed booth lined with UV lights while wearing eye protection glasses during its use; it tends to last between 8-20 minutes per session.

2.Standing Booths: These types allow you to stand upright throughout your tanning session; usually take around fifteen (15) minutes or less depending on individual preference regarding skin sensitivity levels towards UV exposure.

The following article will explore various aspects related to indoor tanning provided by LA fitness centers:

1.The Benefits Of Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning can have numerous benefits beyond just achieving bronze-skinned beauty tones such as increased serotonin production in the body responsible for uplifting individuals mood levels and producing vitamin D that helps strengthen bone mass amongst other vital body functions.

Tans have evolved over time from being perceived notionally as signs “of good health” towards becoming aesthetically essential features desired by many youth communities due to photo-shoots desires or prom night appearance needs hence opting out for tanning services to perfect their unique bodily outlook.

2.Legal Restrictions

It is an essential aspect always to consider the legality definition of indoor tanning, which varies by state across America; California and Texas have placed an age limit on their practices. One must be 18 years or older. LA Fitness centers mandate strict monitoring regarding clients’ ages when using their equipment to avoid any legal concerns that might arise during non-compliance with state laws.

3.Safety Concerns

Indoor Tanning involves exposing your skin from UV rays’ intensity; thus, it may present potential risks such as premature aging, eye damage, and even contribute towards developing life-threatening health complications such as skin cancer in some rare cases.

LA Fitness powers its mission by deploying quality resources for client safety purposes through various measures:

a) Warning signs inside the designated rooms: They provide clients with much-needed warning guidelines reminders before entering into the designated rooms shows caution instructions typically indicative of how long protective eyewear should be utilized alongside advice suggesting appropriate moisturizer usage that will prevent excessive drying after each session accordingly.

b) Regular maintenance : Ensuring corrective measures are put in place prevents hazards like electrical faults while retaining standards compliance amongst other technicalities ensuring a conducive environment for clients to use safely within the fitness facility premises universally recognized by stakeholders globally-based performance reviews regularly conducted samples customer satisfaction index results thereafter quality control team mandates needed interventions where necessary resultant seamless operation room sessions consistency achieved through comprehensive policy proposals implementation frameworks working conditions tracked alongside audit examples deployed uniformly across all facilities available nationwide outstandingly effective operational service level ensured commitment showed towards maintaining distinct clientele reputation observing industry-specific best-practice principles guiding enhanced excellence within every product & services rendering front-line systems managed effectively 24/7 throughout each season total protection guaranteed year-round without fail as part overall value-add proposition provided chosen club locations affiliated specifically cultivated trust established between management structure corporate business owners customers alike far-reaching collaborations sustained beyond any skepticism whatsoever.

4.Price considerations

Indoor Tanning services are typically offered as an optional service at LA Fitness Clubs -often provided as a premium package available for an additional fee beyond the basic gym membership collection. Clients pay upfront subscription fees before access to their respective designated rooms granted in participation of various tanning sessions with prescribed duration that may vastly vary depending on individual preferences aligned towards achieving specific body-tone compliments.


LA fitness centers offer indoor tanning, but its availability varies based on location licensure regulations from custom quotes, high tech gadgets deployed towards implementing tracking measures together with regular service audit across all affiliated clubs and franchise locations countrywide streamlined collective efforts ensured consistent standards achieved to offer perfect client satisfaction every day basis overall given laudable excellent ratings by customers who have patronized these valuable amenities. So if you’re looking for a new way to boost your mood or simply relax after an intense workout session at LA Fitness – they have got you covered!