Floor and Decor is a leading specialty retailer that offers a wide range of high-quality flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, tile, stone and more. The company’s commitment to providing customers with superior products at affordable prices has made it a popular destination for homeowners and contractors alike. Many customers often wonder if Floor and Decor offer financing options for their purchases.

The answer is yes; Floor and Decor do offer financing options to help you fund your purchase of their amazing flooring products. With multiple payment plans available designed to fit different budgets, getting financing from them can be an excellent way to acquire the type of floors you want without breaking the bank.

Understanding Financing Options Offered by Floor & Décor

Understanding Financing Options Offered by Floor & Décor

At its core, purchasing new floors represents a significant investment in any home. Whether it’s upgrading your living space or preparing your house for resale purposes; there’s no denying that investing in quality flooring can substantially boost the value of any property.

Given this reality, many people find themselves seeking out all sorts of cost savings measures when looking to install new floors or remodel existing ones. One advantage offered by some retailers is offering flexible finance solutions backed up by reliable service providers such as Synchrony Bank.

Synchrony Bank specializes in consumer lending programs tailored for businesses both big as well as small like Floor & Décor leverage this fact since they partner with Synchrony to provide consumers attractive financing options across various needs through Mastercard Credit Card Services.

Below are available financing options from floor & décor:

Below are available financing options from floor & décor:

1) My Home Credit Card
2) Pro Trade Credit Account
3) Commercial Revolving Charge Account
4) Special Order Financing Option

1: My Home Finance program

This credit card option allows qualifying applicants access account management tools that enable them monitor transactions real-time even remotely! You would need decent credit standing combined with minimal monthly payments required making sure paying doesn’t become financially straining on every day family life matters!

– Manageable Payments: This option provides an affordable way to make monthly payments with lower interest rates. You may also enjoy zero interests for up to 24 months with qualifying purchases.
– Credit limits: Cardholders can enjoy a credit limit of between $500-$35,000 depending on your application and credit history.
– Deduct from tax amounts: In the US, this type of loan is eligible for Texas residents to receive an exemption by deducting charges on individual income tax stating loan outstanding balances at the end of each year.

2. Pro Trade account financing

Contractors or Small Business Owners looking accesses a broad range selection professional flooring materials could benefit from opening a Pro Trade Credit Account without paying any annual fee subscription charges which you get automatically enrolled in Shopper Rewards Program upon approval via applying in store only along with valid business EIN number & Florida State Contractor License Number registration details.

This commercial financing service offers longer-term options for budgeting needs alongside regular benefits such as weekly promotions targeting contractors exclusively plus competitive pricing across more categories like lighting fixtures, custom cabinetry upgrades among other subcategories.

3. Commercial Billing Account

Floor & Décor’s Commercial Revolving Charge Account rewards frequent business customers with discounts! This program ensures ease reviewing their monthly billing statements and activity reporting. Applicants must undergo stringent eligibility criteria while requiring providing us critical identification parameters such customized invoicing and potential third-party authorization rights per documentation reviewed internally against our policies ensuring every aspect fully aligns compliance standards all aspects our regulators require adherence towards traditionally required in B2B matters i.e., net terms offered usually due around 21st day within invoice generated during one calendar month requiring payment within agreed time frame from receipt notification email plus available phone support or online chat feature directly engaged!

4) Special Order Financing Options

Depending on consumers’ existing sourcing needs related floor installation requirement; Floor & Decor frequently provide dealmaking lending construction project facilities involving volume purchase orders that reserve lasting scope materials ideal in larger projects that contractors may request. Customers with orders above a certain threshold can opt for floor and decor’s available financing package suited to their specific project needs and get amazing deals on major purchases geared towards their desired budgeting aspects becoming more feasible.


Floor & Decor provide flexible finance solutions designed to help customers pay for quality flooring options, including hardwood, tile, laminate amongst others that entirely revamp any minor or drastic surface structural changes within your premises without worrying about getting the necessary funds upfront. Floor & Décor offer financing options from My Home Credit Card Program or Pro Trade Lines Of Commercial Credit Accounts to Special Order Financing options suitable for big-ticket renovation projects involving organized bulk order bookings arrangements – always keeping customer interests at the center of everything they do!