The release of the iPhone 12 in October 2020 has left many iPhone 11 users wondering if their current case will fit the newer model. While there are similarities between the two models, slight differences may affect how well your old case fits onto your new device.

Let’s begin by examining the physical dimensions and design of both phones as a starting point for determining compatibility.

Dimensions and Design

Dimensions and Design

In terms of size, the iPhone 12 is slightly smaller than its predecessor. The iPhone 11 measures at 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 inches (150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm), while the iPhone 12 has dimensions of just under an inch shorter at5.78 x 2.81 x0 .29 inches (146.7 x71 .5×7 ,4mm). Despite this seemingly insignificant difference, it could be enough to cause issues when fitting an older case onto a new phone.

Apart from size variations, both phones share similar designs when it comes to camera placement and overall button layout on the outer edges of devices with similar ports positioning too making most cases compatible between these two models seems possible.

However, changes introduced with Apple’s latest release that might impact whether or not you can use your existing protective cases such as:

MagSafe Technology

MagSafe Technology

One significant marked change in design between these newer iPhones is MagSafe technology for accessories like chargers.Even though earlier versions have wireless charging capabilities but mag-safe make them distinctive.So we now have magnets located within each device’s rear backplate which allow for easier alignment when using magnetic charging cables.MagSafe enables convenience especially since they allow for stronger connections allowing users to charge their phone twice faster.And since it only works with MagSafe charger you‘ll only need one additional accessory to support all your phone-case charging needs.

Larger Camera Bump Placement Differences
Another reason why some previous models may not work well with an iPhone 12 is from the larger camera bump at back.The new phone has a larger and slightly different placement of camera sensors which could make your older case incompatible.


While there is little difference in the thickness of both devices, it could result in some issues fitting cases onto them since millimeters do count when it comes to products designed to be closely-fitting around specific sizes.

Compatibility Options
There are a variety of options for upgrading your phone case,depending on if you still want to use one that has worked for protecting your device:

Case Manufacturers Recommendations:

One way you can get confirmation whether or not the materials crafted from earlier model casing will fit flawlessly on latest versions according to manufacturer recommendations. For example, Apple recommends using cases specifically tailored towards snuggly being compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro as opposed to other previous versions’.

Universal-fit -Making Few Adjustments:
Alternatively,you could opt for universal coverages claimed by producers making minimal modifications or adjusting aspects of their old designs until snugly accommodating newly adjusted features seen only in latest editions within these two series’. Compatibility also depends largely on how much flexibility the material used allows.For softer silicone TPU phone cases this approach might just work but metal ones seem more likely going require considerable changes before fitting properly.

New Case Designs or Purchases:
Lastly -consider investing in getting yourself a whole new line-up cases that’ll guarantee guaranteed compatibility perhaps even style up-grades.Investing into something like Signature Leather Wallet Case specially crafted for iPhone 11 / iPhone 12 series made out premium high grade US top grain cowhide leather and accented exquisite craftsmanship give sense sophistication.Security features included such RFID card protection lining complemented functional magnetic strap ingenious utility fully serves especially those seeking multi-purpose functionality.Perfect option obtaining both ultramodern protective capabilities paired aesthetics exuding flair luxury.

In determining whether an iPhone 12 case fits an iPhone 11, size differences might prove significant enough to result in cases fitting a little too loose or tight; however, the alterations might even be just what’s necessary for easy applications this round depending on material congruency and flexibility. Cases manufacturers design their products according to exact phone dimensions and specifications sometimes featuring slight changes between related older models and current counterparts.

To play things safe when o’pting for compatibility across two epochs of devices either: ultimately follow manufactures guidelines explicitly endorsing support with newer editions or exploring new options designed fit with fresh modifications given latest implementations added onto Apple’s newest line-ups’. Either way user satisfaction is key as numerous brand effectively satisfy customer requirements a testament customized offerings increasingly tailored clientele consumer demands today.