Ace Hardware is one of the leading hardware stores in America. With a wide variety of products including power tools, lawn and garden equipment, painting supplies, plumbing and electrical equipment, Ace Hardware has everything that you need for your DIY projects or home repairs. Financing options are important when it comes to making large purchases at any store, so the question arises: does Ace Hardware do financing?

The answer is yes. Ace Hardware offers financing options called “Ace Rewards Visa Credit Card” and “Ace Rewards Platinum Visa Credit Card” through U.S Bank National Association. These credit cards come with various benefits that offer discounts on purchases made at an Ace store or online at

The Ace Reward Visa Credit Card

The Ace Reward Visa Credit Card

One of the main features of the Ace Rewards Visa Credit card is its rewards program. For every dollar spent at a participating location worldwide using this card earns users 3% back in reward points (excluding taxes and other fees). Furthermore, if they spend $500 within their first 90 days after opening an account with this card, they will earn as much as $50 in rewards towards future purchases.

Moreover, these cards have no annual fee or foreign transaction fees added onto them. Customers can access exclusive member-only sales promotions from time to time too which change throughout each year.

By signing up for email notifications about special deals/events coming up soon – customers will always know where else great bargains may be waiting by being informed early!

But keep in mind that there’s also no zero APR for balance transfers nor strong cash-back incentives (outside those potential discount opportunities listed above). This makes managing payments over time more challenging address many additional self-imposed challenges outside what might otherwise seem like smooth sailing.

Platinum version

Platinum version

For those who want even more perks when purchasing from Ace hardware locations or online; consider ACE Reward Platinum Visa Credit Cards instead because they’re easier on people’s wallets without compromising feature set attributes mentioned above such as no annual or foreign transaction fees with added perks such as even higher reward rates (4% back on qualifying purchase categories) that are exclusively available for platinum-members can take advantage of.

It’s vital to grasp precisely what you’re getting yourself into before taking out a credit card with any provider. Ensure financing options like this will not add an extra burden onto your limited capacity cash flow to cover those payments once the rewards have been claimed.

How To Apply For The Ace Rewards Visa Credit Card

To apply for them, customers must first visit their nearest Ace Hardware store and complete an application form – which is something potential users can access via online download from’s homepage at present if they don’t already have it to hand. Customers then need verification of employment, identification documents like social security numbers/passports, etc., And in just a short time, buyers warranty offers authorized through VISA return in under seven business days or less – based upon average turnaround times across issuers when risk mitigation measures aren’t flagged by necessary due-diligence checks.

One important thing to note while applying for this credit card is its high annual percentage rate (APR), which ranges between 18.49% and 26.49%. Depending on usage longevity vs payment amounts owed; combined/qualifying purchases over various expenditure categories charged per month may accumulate unpaid balances quickly some cases more than others depending on income/user lifestyle needs & choices overall affordability levels per period being tracked towards each billing cycle (or interest accrual period) ends up typically ranging from several hundred dollars upwards – yet cheaper still than getting hit unprepared later caught off-guard by unexpected expenses without any buffer cushion available!. Be careful how&when spend borrowed money too because late fee charges/rates start accruing right awayonce initial repayment terms expire (usually after two months).

Pros And Cons Of Financing Through Ace Hardware

Ace hardware financing comes with numerous advantages and disadvantages which buyers should take into account before opting to finance their purchases. The advantages include:

Flexible payment options: Ace Hardware provides its customers with various financing options that are flexible enough to fit the buyer’s needs.

Rewards program: With the Ace Rewards Visa credit card, buyers can earn points for every dollar spent at participating locations worldwide, which they can then redeem for discounts on future purchases.

Special offers and promotions: Cardholders are eligible for exclusive special deals throughout the year when shopping online or in-store

Lower interest rates available depending on applicant/user merchant processors maybe opted during application process/application procedures post-qualification – provided proof of eligibility / conditions met (sometimes applicable only in certain jurisdictions).

However, there are some disadvantages of financing through Ace Hardware too:

High annual percentage rate (APR): As previously mentioned, the APRs on these cards can be up significantly higher as compared to other credit cards/challenger banks out there like Synchrony Financial or even Amazon Prime Store Card . This makes it important to carefully consider whether you will be able to keep up with monthly payments beyond initial grace period/term afterward(s) before applying/contacting any local lender institutions offering similar types trade agreements between borrowers– as failure do so could mean serious consequences later down road financially-wise especially if bought expensive items ($2K worth) already under balance repayment plan via Store Card towards expiration period kicks off soon!

Potential impact on credit score/history records – Although selecting a “financing scheme” may seem convenient initially vs paying everything balanced separately right after purchasing power tools/plumbing essentials/garden supplies… overdoing this thing eventually causes negative marks & repercussions because missed payments accrue fast quickly becoming more daunting/debt-ridden over time too fast approaching income disbursement ranges from month upon month leading inevitable reporting via agencies such Equifax Experian Credit Karma Transunion Etc. which determine overall fiscal healthiness thus hampering ability secure future loans ease having extra money available emergencies/net worth building activities either short-term or longt independently rely solely upon later life.


In conclusion, Ace Hardware does offer financing options to its customers through the Ace Rewards Visa Credit Card and Ace Reward Platinum Visa Credit Card provided by US Bank National Association. While these cards come with some advantages like rewards program and special offers, they also have some disadvantages such as a high annual percentage rate which if not managed appropriately will lead to financial difficulties in paying for balances owed leading having negative impacts on credit score eventually over time! It’s important to weigh pros & cons if considering this – before making any commitments financially-wise)!