Travel trailers have become a popular choice of accommodation for people who love to explore and travel across the country. They provide the convenience and comfort of home while on-the-go, making it an ideal way to enjoy extended vacations or weekend getaways with family and friends. As more and more people opt for this lifestyle, questions about legal requirements continue to arise. One such question is whether you need to register your travel trailer in Tennessee? In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the various factors that determine if you must register a travel trailer in Tennessee.

What is a Travel Trailer?

What is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer (or camper) refers to any non-motorized vehicle designed as temporary living quarters meant for recreational or camping purposes. These towable units come in different styles, sizes, and features; they typically incorporate sleeping areas, bathrooms, kitchens (with functional appliances such as microwaves or stovetops), dining areas composed of tables or booths/chairs/seating spaces which can rearrange into beds when needed.

The Different Types of Travel Trailers:

The Different Types of Travel Trailers:

There are several types of campers/travel trailers available on the market today including Folding Tent Campers (also referred to as Pop-Ups), Fifth Wheels Trailers, Toy Hauler Trailers among others.

Folding Tent Campers: These are entry-level trailers comprising foldable canvas walls that expand outwards once parked somewhere suitable for use – wilderness area/caravan park/personal land owned by someone else). They were originally designed for motorcyclists/cyclists/hikers due to their simplicity/low weight costs.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers: These are large-sized camp trailers shaped like A-frames with distinctive overhanging topsides because they attach using hitching mechanisms located within rear sides instead from behind vehicles used by towing them around places one needs/wants/likes exploring/exploiting/experiencing first-hand.

Toy Hauler Trailer: This type of trailer offers extra capacity for storing and transporting vehicles such as ATVs and dirt bikes with the living quarters situated in the front portion. Toy haulers are great for those who want a small “garage” space to store their outdoor gear.

Now that we understand what travel trailers are, it’s time to examine Tennessee law requirements as pertains registering your travel trailer.

Do You Have to Register a Travel Trailer in Tennessee?

Yes. By law, you must register your travel trailer in Tennessee before hitting the roadways unless you plan on operating the camper exclusively on private roads or lands owned by yourself- which is legally allowed if one never has any intention of taking them outside those limits which means free access from other human beings/nature/etc).

According to Tennessee laws (Title 55), any non-motorized recreational vehicle designed for temporary dwelling requires registration with the state department of motor vehicles (DMV). This includes truck campers, fifth wheel rigs, folding tents or pop-up campers among others.

What Should You Bring When Registering Your Trailer In Tennessee?

Before heading over to any DMV branch office across Tennessee State lines concerning issues about licensing/travel trailer registrations’ needs/demands/requests/must-haves/wants- make sure you have gathered all necessary documents together based on present/past situations/circumstances faced by oneself. It will embody hauling capabilities kept up-to-date/valid proof filed along with how many people/groups will operate under said registrant.

The following items are required when registering your travel trailer:

● Proof of Ownership – If buying new or used, bring along completed documentation showing ownership information including bill-of-sale contracts( where applicable)

● Insurance Information – A copy of current auto insurance policy reflecting coverage details should be included

● Sales Tax Receipts – Sales tax receipts must accompany registration applications and reflect appropriate fees paid thereof based upon assets’ value bracket encompassed fitting each

● Proof of Identification – Driver license or state-issued ID reflecting TN residency is required for registrant’s personal identification purposes and State government’s records accuracy.

● Title Registration Application – Completion of the title registration application helps to ensure smooth processing procedures. The information provided on this form will include owner/seller info, registered address, make & models details plus vehicle VIN numbers thereby allowing relevant authorities access detailed information about any associated trailer involved in case things ever got stolen/lost/damaged etcetera.

What Is the Cost to Register a Travel Trailer in Tennessee?

The cost incurred when registering your travel trailer would depend upon various factors like location, year/make/model of camper being registered and features/options adding up to its complete value. For example, an RV/traveling cottage with full bathroom facilities may require higher fees than one without it for obvious reasons discussed below.

For all License Plate Agent offices spread across Tennessee State region looking towards receiving/reviewing/regurgitating any issues related unto licensing/travel trailers registration/deactivation/placement/removal/movement requirements/preferences; basic costs realities must include Initial Caravan Tag Registrations ($45-$60), annual renewals ($24-$90), applicable sales taxes (On purchase price transactions only based on related values bracket figures encompassed upon applying pertinent legal ordinances/rules/laws/guidelines found within books/manuals/brochures/pieces-of-paper/etc used by them).


All-in-all, registering a travel trailer is pretty straightforward as long as you adhere to your state laws. In Tennessee, anyone who owns a non-motorized recreational vehicle designed for temporary dwelling must register it with the DMV before using it on public roads unless exclusively accessing private property now owned outright from which no “tours” will take place outside those premises limits due do lack clear paths/pathways/enabling mechanisms/processes/procedures involving skills/abilities determining safe traveling measures taken forthcoming moments.

If you’re unsure about the registration process for your travel trailer, don’t hesitate to contact Tennessee DMV office(s) other state authorities concerned upon providing trustworthy informative help whenever possible.