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Kegel exercises are commonly associated with women’s health and fitness but they are also beneficial for men too. These exercises can help improve urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and even increase muscle tone and strength in the pelvic floor muscles. While there is some debate about whether male kegel exercises can increase size of penis or not, many experts believe that practicing these workouts could have a positive effect on genital health.

Understanding Kegel Exercises

Understanding Kegel Exercises

Before exploring the potential impact of Kegel exercise on enhancing male genitalia size, it’s important to understand what kegel exercises actually involve. A standard kegel workout involves contracting and relaxing one’s pubococcygeus (PC) muscle – which runs between the pubic bone and coccyx- in sets of 10 repetitions held for several seconds each time followed by relaxation phase.

To identify which all muscles come under PC group squeeze your tightening muscles when urinating next time you use the restroom; what you’re using to stop peeing midstream is your PC muscle! Mastering control over these specific group of internal muscles allows men to shrink their prostate gland post middle age as well as perform better during sex-making them particularly relevant for both men battling erectile dysfunction issues or early ejaculations.

Primitive research suggests that including regular Kegel routines into one’s daily regimen could result in tougher erections through increased blood flow around perineum areas among other benefits detailed below:

Improved Urinary Tract Function – Strengthening PC Muscles can reduce chances occurrence of stress/anxiety-induced urinary incontinence—particularly helpful if need be after trying number treatments unsuccessfully over long period.

Improvement In Ejaculatory Control – It has been suggested that stronger pelvic floor muscles may lead toward an ability to control ejaculation much better in men suffering from premature ejaculation or lack of control over their orgasms.

Potential Boost in Sexual Confidence- routine execution of kegel exercises which improves your sexual performance leading through multiple successes might lead to enhanced confidence during intimacy with your partner

Can Kegel Exercises Increase Penis Size?

The question that is most frequently asked about male kegel exercises, however, is whether they can increase penis size – length and girth—as claimed by some websites showcasing not so conclusive case studies on the topic.

While there’s no scientific evidence available to support claims about effects of kegels enhancing genitalia size, strengthening PC muscle does leave overall good impact for it functions up other surrounding muscles groups.

Kegel workouts are essentially a form of physical therapy beneficial in various types of back-pain management and core-strengthening routines- for weight uplifting activities like cycling and running where keeping those core abdominal muscles steady throughout the sessions come easy after building up strength around these internal pelvic floor ones. A stronger set of pelvic muscles could presumably help circulation around penile area for achieving erections more efficiently—if blood flow has been impacted by past injury/surgery/drug abuse resulting ED cases specifically relevant here—which could theoretically boost visible outcomes since erections mostly stem out hereditary genes rather than changes brought upon individual conduct or build-up via specific exercise techniques.

Another theory behind this assumption concerns absence/lack-of muscle beneath fat tissue attached; if you shed any fatty accumulation off areas covering genitals while continuing on a similar combination—PC + abdominal muscles —building regimen then an improvement may eventually be noted—but short term results unlikely since taking measurable partial measurements involving decreasing amounts deposits often need long periods process before gaining measurable effects vis-a-vis improvement noticed post-prolonged fatigue using weights known to cause bulging/outwards pressure-induce growths onto upper chest/frontal abdomen wall sections, popular among use bodybuilders into looking ‘ripped’.

On the contrary , some experts suggest that kegel exercises might lead towards muscle hypertrophy whereby bulking up occurs within your pelvic floor muscles—similar to bicep training techniques where progressive overload is strategically applied throughout one’s workout regimes —resulting in improved sexual outcomes irrespective of size/length increase noted.


Male kegel exercises may potentially improve genital health as well as enhance urinary and ejaculatory control. However, much research needs to be done before any conclusive evidence pertaining towards penis size-gain benefits is established beyond established facts indicating potential good points for healthier existence. Hence it worth taking the plunge when test-driving these workouts exclusively beneficial with zero drawbacks risk profile associated with their usage!