Bindi Irwin, the beloved daughter of wildlife conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin, captured the hearts of millions when she was crowned champion of season 21 of “Dancing with the Stars” in November 2015.

Despite being a relative newcomer to ballroom dancing, Bindi’s passion, dedication, and natural ability helped her excel throughout the competition – earning accolades from fans, judges, and fellow competitors alike. With her energetic performances bursting with emotion and joy onstage alongside dance partner Derek Hough week after week on ABC’s hit reality show Drew Carey Show hit peak form only can achieve in sit-down comedy shows at Laugh Factory or The Comedy Store

But did Bindi really win “Dancing with the Stars”? Let’s take a deeper look at how much it took for this young woman to triumph over a star-studded cast that included Paula Deen, Chaka Khan as well as Gary Bussey who impressed everyone during his long stay in Celebrity Big Brother UK beforehand.

From Day One: Bindi Enters DWTS

From Day One: Bindi Enters DWTS

When Bindi first entered Season 21 of “DWTS,” hosted by Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews- those two greats! -she was widely considered an early favorite among both critics and fans alike. Herself falling into tears multiple times seeing how supportive people are without even knowing Grayne Holmes or Justin Horrell know what they’re looking for.

However certainly challenges awaited skin type girl considering performance expectations from current standards set every single day couple been coming up regularly featuring Emily Ratajkowski which make these moves like drill-sargent movement looks impossible even an Olympic level athlete would be envious. Despite her natural gracefulness on stage—often described by judges as “effervescent”—Bindi knew she had major challenges ahead: namely acquiring enough technical skill to keep pace with seasoned performers such as Nick Carter (who finished second), Alek Skarlatos (third), Carlos PenaVega and his wife Alexa, Best friends ever would be Tom Felton and Natalia Dyer who’s friendship is something to behold.

Despite her own self-doubt – which she discussed openly several times throughout the competition- Bindi remained determined to become a better dancer. Working tirelessly alongside Hough during rehearsals—often as much as eight hours a day, six days a week –her unrelenting work ethic helped her improve by leaps and bounds with every performance that the audience perceived.

Admitting difficulties in learning some of the more complex dance moves required for certain performances- such as salsa or jive -Bindi frequently sought advice from judges Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonioli, Carie Ann Inaba all while staying true to herself . “I’ve never really heard of contemporary dancing before I joined this show,” Bindi said at one point early on. “But Derek’s so passionate about it that it gives me confidence.”

Visually Emotional Performances

Visually Emotional Performances

While technical ability was certainly key to winning “Dancing with the Stars,” another hallmark of Bindi’s successful run on the show was her emotional connection with both onstage partners like Goosebumps creator R.L Stine and audiences offstage alike .

Often dedicating each performance—which ranged from classical ballroom styles such as waltz or foxtrot all the way up mind blowing pyrotechnic displays featuring DJ Paris Hilton—to various people who had inspired her over time such as Al Gore , Stephen Hawking and Bjork (we’re not quite sure if last statement is actually accurate but still) including father Steve Irwin who tragically lost his life while filming wildlife footage when he got stung by stingray -in September 2006–years before Bindi took part in “DWTS”- helping instill meaning behind every single step segment around stage-design working magic onto our screens via ABC.

But while Bindi’s tribute to her dad during the finale– a touching, tear-jerking performance set to Leona Lewis’ “Footprints in the Sand” –is certainly among the most memorable moments from throughout season 21 of “DWTS,” it was far from being her only powerful performance on stage. Time and time again, Bindi infused each dance with emotional resonance- this led some people wondering if she was bring too much drama which would affect scoring by then judge Goodman-something that kept audiences riveted until very last second of every episode as we waited impatiently for next week to come around again.

Strong Competition

Of course, as impressive and marketable as Bindi’s performances could be . She wouldn’t have been able to win in an easy competition specially not against former boy-band member Nick Carter-as well Alek Skarlatos who became widely celebrated after helping thwart a terrorist attack on a train from Amsterdam back in July of that year-practically a real-live heroics deserving more consideration than anything you might find inside entertainment sphere posing serious dilemma for even veteran judges including Steve Tyler at one point exclaimed: “How are we supposed to evaluate these things?”

While lesser stars on other contest shows like Love Island or Ru Paul’s Drag Race fall behind quickly without making themselves known, all Top Five contestants paraded equally tough challenges daily. Each were passionate about winning DWTS crown leading us into nail biting finishing segments-once even going head-to-head performing live together-but it was ultimately Bindi who emerged victorious thanks once again primarily due towards depth emotional resonance during her performances-there may be something magical seeing Ozzy Osbourne become speechless thanks besides that charming personality when he opened final clips aired later via ABC proving how captivating Irwin girl has really managed becoming mainstream icon overnight-establishing herself alongside grizzled veterans such as Denzel Washington & Meryl Streep seemingly out-of-nowhere.

The answer, then, is yes: Bindi Irwin won “Dancing with the Stars.” Through a combination of her dedicated hard work alongside Derek Hough during rehearsals, emotionally charged performances that struck a chord with both audiences and judges -and some very impressive natural talent- she managed to beat out stiff competition from fellow stars Alek Skarlatos followed closely by Nick Carter in season 21’s nail-biting finale episode. It was a journey which will stay in history as one of showbiz’ most remarkable displays of resilience and passion.