Grounded is a survival game that takes place in the backyard of a suburban house, where players are shrunken down to the size of ants. Being small means that even as insignificant objects pose a threat to the player’s life, from blades of grass to giant water droplets. Players must gather resources and craft structures whilst fighting off ants and other arthropods like spiders to survive.

As gamers progress throughout Grounded’s vast world, they soon find themselves wondering how long it’s going to take them just to get from point A to point B. This inevitably leads many curious adventurers asking one simple question: “Can you fast travel in Grounded?” With all its sprawling biomes and hazards, a fast travel system would undoubtedly make traversing through this miniature universe more convenient.

The short answer is no – There is no fast travel option currently available in Grounded for players. One can teleport back their first base( Oak Tree) right from anywhere, but not any other place on the map itself.

Although we do have some useful tips that can minimize traveling time while playing grounded so let’s dive deeper into what travelers can expect when exploring this tiny world without access to mindless instant movement.

First thing first: Why Isn't Fast Travel Available In The Game?

First thing first: Why Isn’t Fast Travel Available In The Game?

Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed previously stating that they left out the feature because they felt it wasn’t appropriate for such an early version of Early Access Title yet-“There will be no instantaneous zip points or anything else similar (at least at launch), as we want our exploration mechanics and discovery elements within our design philosophy.”
It seems devs want “Grounded” adventurous aspect & hype which will keep players engaged with scouting every corner This turned out into hunts towards alternative methods instead!

What Are The Alternatives For Faster Travelling In Grounded?

What Are The Alternatives For Faster Travelling In Grounded?

Transportation vehicles:

Players explore a vast map with plenty of goodies scattered around such as landmarks dotted across locales stretching from grasslands to gardens. A practical solution is crafting transportation vehicles that make travelling more comfortable and faster, such as a crafted glider or a simple boat.

Crafted Gliders:

After gathering ingredients like weed stems and spider webs, the players can create several attachments such as ropes using these materials which later on helps in getting built-in makeshift gliders allowing for fast acrobatic jumps that let players travel longer distances in less time!


Players needed this(‘A Boating bug’, ‘ The Trip To Release’ quest) Water Spider Silk seed which they use to craft three different parts of the boat—a prow, middle section, and stern. Once you have all the pieces with you, cruise around lakes by paddling with your wosset while avoiding threats provided by water bugs.

Step-by-Step Guide To Build Glider In Grounded

Material/Ingredients required:

-3 branches
– 1 Clover Leaf
– 2x Weed Stems
– 4 silk threads (harvest them from Spiders)

Step 1: Create Cloak Rope:
Grab yourself four silk threads harvested either via slaying spiders or picking off ground bundles— then head over towards an Acid Gland & harvest if it’s not picked yet! Use tools(in inventory) for harvesting glands and use silk threads over it; This will help you loot clover cloak ropes from collected resources

Step 2: Collect Weed Stems:
To acquire two weed-stems, the player should scour decorative grasses available across punch green locale throughout game consisting of abundant weeds assembled providing glue weevils attached to their tops are also good source to collect weed stem.

Step 3: Acquire Branches:
Finding Branches isn’t hard at all just keep looting tree branches scattered around various areas if necessary try looking specifically at Barrels containing possible building material(s)

Step 4 – Combine Materials:
Now gather all the materials together by putting them into your inventory. Combine the ingredients, attaching them to create makeshift gliders that will improve jumping and travelling skills throughout game Let’s glide!

If Gliding isn’t enough for you here’s another option too-

Can Ants Help Us Travel Faster In Grounded?

Another underutilized method of getting from one side of the map to another is through Ant Hills; These notorious bugs gather pieces of food & other items while moving around habitats allowing us to ride them around locations utilizing their home base perfectly.
Players can tickle these six-legged creatures( explore ants nest) when given a chance resulting in being taken away at rocket speed by such biggie buddies.

However, players need acorn shells as armor against stink bug attacks during travel accommodating as extra protection since it helps you avoid any damage while hitchhiking on top of these powerful insects.


Overall, although fast-travel mechanics have not been included within grounded – with clever planning and resource management and use of alternate modes like gliders or boats for transportation or travel via insect buddies looks doable too. So if explorers are willing to put in both time and effort towards truly surviving amongst blades of grass overflowing with dangers provided they’ll be rewarded by an extensive world filled with goals waiting conquering!”