Inventing new products and technologies is the key to driving innovation and progress in society. However, protecting your intellectual property can be a complex process that requires expertise in patent law and procedures. That’s where companies like InventHelp come in. As one of the leading inventors’ services providers, InventHelp specializes in helping inventors secure patents for their products or ideas.

If you’re considering seeking assistance from InventHelp or another similar company to file a patent application, here are some key things you need to know about how they work and whether they can help you obtain a patent for your invention.

What Is Patenting?

What Is Patenting?

A patent is a legal document that gives an inventor exclusive rights to make, use, and sell their invention for a certain period (usually 20 years from the date of filing). The purpose of patents is to encourage innovation by giving inventors an incentive (in the form of legal protection) to bring their ideas into the public domain.

Patenting an invention involves several steps:

Patenting an invention involves several steps:

1. Conducting research: Before applying for a patent, it’s important to check if your idea is already patented or if there is any existing technology that may prevent you from obtaining a patent.

2. Filing an application: Once you’ve determined that your idea is unique enough to be patented, you need to prepare and file an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

3. Examination: After receiving your application, USPTO will examine it thoroughly before granting or denying the patent request.

4. Granting/Rejection: If granted after examination of all aspects then inventor will have full authority on his/her Invention whereas if rejection occurs due it its unlaunched policies then further consultation via professionals such as Inventhelp could assist individuals

How Can InventHelp Help You Obtain A Patent?

InventHelp provides services aimed at simplifying the process of unlocking financial rewards related with inventions while providing expert guidance on patent and invention filing. Some ways it can assist you are:

1. Initial Evaluation: InventHelp offers an initial evaluation service for your idea or invention. This allows you to get an independent opinion about the novelty and potential marketability of your product.

2. Patent Search: To ensure that you’re not infringing on someone else’s intellectual property, it is crucial to conduct a patent search before filing for a patent application.

3. Provisional Application Filing: A faster way of registering your work meanwhile protecting ownership rights- Inventhelp could file temporary applications in emergency by using their services which will help obtain a priority date

4. Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA): Safeguarding private information regarding inventions even during Conversations with third parties who can help – NDAs protect confidentiality so trade secrets stay protected as new connections are built.

5. Referral Services :Enlisting Professional Assistance when Required – If InventHelp Team lacks expertise in certain areas you could be referred to experts within relevant fields such as Attorneys or Innovation Consultants.

6. Patent Illustration; Drafting utility drawings required with technical explanation would be provided by professionals as part of package to increase chances of getting approved under the non-provisional stage

InventHelp employs experienced professional teams that provide comprehensive support from the conceptualization stage through submitting the final paperwork necessary for approval while ensuring demonstration of how well these ideas work Examples include 3D design modeling Inventing requires effort, hard work, dedication coupled with detailed knowledge working navigated processes teamed up with accurate calculations- seeking help via dedicated companies like Inventhelp could streamline all harmonized processes seamlessly together ensuring successful registration and more business opportunities therefore exponentially increasing innovative idea visibility overall It must still be noted however that nothing is guaranteed just like any other forms since factors such as luck and timing have a role-playing behind every successful stories published today especially when dealing in traditional/legal industries were contingencies often arise even within existing protected property of said client.


As a new inventor, filing for a patent can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Nonetheless, working with patent experts like InventHelp may help simplify the process and increase your chances of success overall in spite of uncertainty connected to the above issues by providing clear methodical guidance on how application processes work through coordinating paperwork alongside management throughout decision-making It is important to note inventhelp are innovator’s service provider- Not registered attorneys Hence there would always be need for getting competent legal advice from regulated practitioners when necessary Overall these measures could speed up an approval process while likely protecting individual’s ventures.