As one of the most popular dating reality shows on television, “Are You the One?” has captured the hearts of millions over the years. Focused on finding perfect matches between 22 contestants, Season 7 was no exception. However, with time passing by since its finale episode in 2018, fans have been wondering – where are they now?

In this article, we’ll revisit Season 7’s cast and explore what each participant has been doing since leaving the show.

Calvin Duran

Calvin Duran

After appearing on AYTO S7 as a hopeless romantic who struggled to open up to his matches, Calvin seems to be living life to the fullest. Currently pursuing his passion for fitness and modeling while also enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and camping – he has become increasingly involved in promoting self-help advice through his social media platforms.

Brett Ferri

Brett Ferri

As one of season seven’s heartthrobs known for flirting around with multiple co-stars simultaneously before settling down with Nutsa Sikharulidze towards end – Brett is putting that charm into good use elsewhere. The model studies at FIT In New York and invests much of his time to Gymnastics Rings calisthenics practices at parks around Manhattan & Brooklyn. Moreover; He recently signed a modelling contract with Iris Models Management agency & could be seen walking ramps pretty soon!

Asia Woodley

Throughout her journey in “AYTO” season seven, Asia stood out as an outspoken activist constantly advocating for political causes close to her heart! Straight after exiting from Salt Lake City-based love manor across MTV spectrum; She continues these efforts by organizing various community events as well fronting commercials such Ad Council Campaigns aimed towards awareness against Substance-abuse disorder!

Tomas Buenos Ojos

It might surprise you reach that young artist Tomas (he went by Tom Brady during production) doesn’t think highly about himself from past actions anymore! His penance saw him visiting his ancestral land, Puerto Rico which really helped him connect with real life scenarios & embark on creating masterpieces around Latin-American issues – including taking part in art festivals like Contraflujo 2019. Since then he has identified it’s the canvas where one can truly express their thoughts remotely instead of personal demonstrations

Kayla Umagat

During her time on AYTO S7, Kayla didn’t find any potential matches that fit her type. Following this, she took some much-needed alone time and went off-grid from social media for a while! Now settled back in Las Vegas; The earlier nursing student has resumed sharing aspiring bikini modeling photos to amass healthy Fanbase!

Lewis Belt

Lewis was one of the contestants who impressed audiences with his character by opening himself up emotionally outside “Macho Motives” whilst building strong connections throughout. Double Taurus degree campaign manager based outta Santa Monica still reaches to millions daily online through motivational tips.

Kenya Scott

Kenya not only acted as an influencer and ambassador to young black community women but also jointly won Tough Mudder race after finishing 50th out of 11k participants alongside co-star Kam Williams! She blogs regularly on self-care habits such as skincare, haircare treatments while making charitable donations towards local group’s tuition & equality funds at Mississippi State University where she was enroled during filming.

Kwasi Opoku-Agyemang

Aside from becoming Season7 meme material due to notorious confessions regarding sexcapades- Kwasi used characteristics perceived as weaknesses (unknown racial origin , political opinions) into career advantages when dove headfirst into Podcasting via . He’s interviewed close associations about Music industry today aptly named ‘Roll Back Wednesday’ with positive praises across various forums rounding many high profile colleagues who have graced airtime despite initial doubters!

Jasmine Rodriguez

Jasmine juggled between Candace and Nour (Her perfect Match was Basit- who bonded strongly with the fellow Queer community) which led to famous Cat-fights ultimately exiting at 7th week. Since her exit, she’s garnered over 1 Million fan followers on social media highlighting lifestyle choices amongst new-age millennials while showcasing her vocal range through regular virtual gigs!

Morgan Fletcher

Morgan had a bitter-sweet journey throughout season seven! After winning almost every challenge & catching Tarik off-guard; Her Scorned lover promptly shackled up with Kristina whom he’d been hovering around before. She enjoys unapologetic bikini beach photoshoots aside from promoting drug-free activism in Rhode Island for underprivileged children.

Nutsa Sikharulidze

One of Season’s savior stories saw both Yousef and Brett gravitate towards chances creating most potential successful match amidst their ensuing drama weeks leading up to finale ceremony whilst simultaneously securing “Truth Booth” results! Nutsa still resides in Florida nowadays pursuing beauty services/supply business hopes revitalising beauty industry post-Covid.

Sam Handler

Much hyped prankster Sam entered into whirlwind romance with Kylie before it faded soon as connections diminished after experimentation happened depriving them of love prospects together – departing premises within five wks only leaving Mark behind, Sadly or luckily depending on perspective ! Nonetheless; AVID gamer has amassed massive Followerbase usings his live-streaming platform to encourage talks around Mental Health issues commonplace now among younger generations online primarily concentrating funds arising out of patreon account for good causes.

Zak Jones

Jak was once commended by outsiders as Aspiring law sophomore but due creative reasons exclaimed that things weren’t fitting quite well hence pursued music passion instead entering contest’s casting directors’ radar eventually. As he surges forward mastering songwriting skills he continues mentoring enthusiasts such The Voice/Idol recruits diverse backstories across America 🇺🇸.

Kam Williams

As a devout athlete within Track & Field community, Kam had carved out place among top 5 finishers before filming began. In addition to this, she created environmentally conscious fashion line named “Sustainable Sisters” network which supports practices utilizing eco-friendly materials and ethical working conditions while she keeps herself busy as “brain-healthy” provider for children near Miami where she also hosts Sporting events every fortnight.


In conclusion, the participants of “Are You the One?” Season 7 have all moved on after their time in the love manor – each finding different paths in life. Calving continued with his passions – fitness and modeling, Asia still advocates for worthy causes while Toumas has found solace upon canvas expressing thoughts instead of personal demonstrations! Also it seems like Kenya is having quite a stamp on Mississippi State University through donations towards local equality funds etc., amongst other contributors should be noted such as Brett’s modelling contract signing AND Nutsa’s beauty service business hoping post-Covid recovery eventually translates into double-digit growths soon enough.. Hopefully we will find them flourishing in their own unique ways.