As a language model AI, I don’t have personal opinions, but here is my attempt on writing an expert article on “Are Doritos Healthy.”

Doritos are one of the most popular snacks in North America. They come in several different flavors and consist of a crunchy corn chip that has been coated with various artificial flavorings. Despite their widespread popularity, there continues to be debate as to whether or not they can be considered healthy.

While it may be tempting to dismiss them entirely due to the fact that they are effectively junk food, there are some nutritional facts about Doritos worth considering when weighing their potential health benefits and risks.

Let's start by examining the ingredients found in typical packets of Doritos:

Let’s start by examining the ingredients found in typical packets of Doritos:

1. Corn

Corn is commonly used as the main ingredient for tortilla chips like Doritos. Corn is relatively high in fiber and provides moderate amounts of several vitamins and minerals. However, most of these nutrients are lost during processing.

2. Vegetable oil

2. Vegetable oil

The oil used for cooking will vary based on which specific version of Dorito you choose. Some varieties use sunflower or other plant oils while others utilize trans fatty acids like partially hydrogenated soybean oil (PHSO). PHSO is known to raise LDL cholesterol levels which can increase your risk for heart disease.

3.Flavouring agents

Cheddar Cheese powder, sodium lactate, whey protein concentrate etc., all contribute towards adding artificial flavours; often at expense of healthy ingredients.

Based on this brief overview provided above regarding its constituents; we can safely deduce that despite being derived from corn which might have initially offered “some” nutrients’ value before getting processed –any probable traces left won’t even make it count – what’s more concerning here…is addition/removal/manipulation/ utilisation/degradation aspect attached with added Flavouring agents – so let’s discuss if “We Can Consider dorritos healthy?”

The simple answer would be no. Considering the nutritional values at hand using from the common labels, Doritos belong firmly in the category of junk food. They are high in calories and sodium with very little nutritional value.

An average packet of Doritos (57g) contains 300-350 calories which is roughly equivalent to a full meal for many people with average caloric needs. Moreover, One serving has more than two-thirds worth(2/3rd) of daily recommendation of salt intake , this increases your risk of hypertension and CVD drastically over time; which can affect your overall health badly.

Moreover, A single ‘grab-and-go’ package may satisfy your cravings for some moments but It won’t fuel you with necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals or fiber which our body demands – In fact, consuming excess negative calorie snacks and processed junk foods on regular basis may lead to a host of chronic diseases such as obesity [a key factor contributing towards metabolic syndrome]; cancers[ mainly gastrointestinal ones], periodontal diseases etc., all linked by proven scientific researches in due course of time proving beyond doubts that they contribute negatively towards our immune system reducing its efficacy significantly over prolonged period

So What alternative options we have?

As per nutrition experts and WHO recommendations: Best approach is always “chew less calorie dense food” i.e low glycemic index foods rich in complex carbohydrates/fibre + healthy fats/proteins because they provide longer satiety duration without elevating glucose level instantaneously making us feel hungry shortly afterwards.. .Adding snacks like unsalted roasted almonds[1ounce=160calories] instead can aid curb hunger pangs while providing essential proteins,fats,vit E,magnesium what not .

Lastly it’s important to create balance diet regime where you indulge only once-in-a-while into occasional cravings whilst prioritizing natural fruits/vegs/lean meats/rich pulses sources aiding massively with sustainable healthy lifestyle goals on long run.

So the bottom line is Doritos certainly cannot be considered healthy food. Whilst they might satisfy cravings temporarily, negative long-term impacts linked with frequent consumption are too severe to ignore. It’s important to consider consuming more nutrient-rich and less calorie-dense foods when we are seeking snack options or comfort food without compromising on taste aspect; keeping health goals in mind always – after all “Health Is Wealth”.
In conclusion, as a language model AI, I cannot express personal opinions. But objectively speaking based on scientific evidence and nutritional facts – Doritos are not healthy food options at all. They are high in calories, sodium and virtually devoid of any essential nutrients required by our body for growth and maintenance processes.

Therefore it is only wise to limit their intake or use them only as an occasional treat or indulge in more wholesome snacks that provide adequate nourishment without compromising taste aspects.. A balanced diet approach consisting of natural foods enriched with complex carbs/fiber/healthy fats/proteins should be preferred where systematic portion control can alleviate calorie overload without feeling deprived from regular cravings keeping you healthy and happy – Remember moderation is the key to everything!